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mRNA Jab (Bioweapon) Recovery
Now available in Cancun, Mexico!

Were you mandated by an employer or otherwise coerced into taking the jab? And now suffering consequences of the spike proteins? Cancun, Mexico is safe and well known for medical tourism. There are direct flights from many US cities, arriving at an international airport. Patient privacy assured. We do not ask for ss numbers, nor is patient information divulged to any alphabet agency. We are beyond their jurisdiction.

We offer a week of intense anti-viral detox treatment, consisting of ​intravenous DMSO, concentrated cannabis extract +UVBI (ultra violet biological irradiation), which triggers a chain reaction immune response within the circulation.) It neutralizes graphene oxide, stopping micro clot formation and quells inflammation.

A daily IV, lasting a little over an hour, usually results in a negative D-dimer lab test (proving that micro clot formation has stopped) after one week of treatment.

Cost is $6,600 for the full week required. It includes a 3 months supply of Ivermectin dispensed at discharge. Patients CAN legally return to the US with up to a 3 month supply of Ivermectin—now banned by FDA from shipment into the US. The legal loophole: by treaty terms, customs must allow patients to return with medications from Mexico, if (1) accompanied by a ​prescription signed by a Mexican doctor, and (2) the amount does not exceed a 90 day supply for personal use.

Future refills are available at clinic cost to established patients. Ivermectin has strong anti-viral activity and protects against future exposure to spike proteins shed by others. It is also an anti-inflammatory, time tested safe and effective.

bioweaponrecovery.com is an outpatient clinic. We are not a hospital. Meals and lodging are not included. We can assist with suggestions for vacation lodgings near the clinic. For availability or assistance in booking a slot on the treatment schedule, click here:

Videos You Need to Watch

Dr. Richard M. Fleming,MD,JD about spike protein used in Covid-19 vaccine

“Listen carefully to every word” Clif High

Pilots file Suit

"There is No Decency To It"


Cannabis for the Jabbed


"Our Mission" Statement

“Mainstream medicine has succeeded completely in disgracing and destroying itself by lying about everything connected to Covid-19, from its origins, to the insanely outlawed treatments for it, to the harmful actions of the vaccines, to the hidden data that might tell us the results of all that lying. Social Media and all of Big Tech combined, set the tone for that with their censorship policies. Anyone who suggested that lockdowns, masking, remdesivir protocols, and vaccine mandates violated common decency was tossed out of the arena, often with added punishment of losing a career, a professional license, a livelihood, and having to endure the betrayal of colleagues cowed into silence.” -James Howard Kunstler

It is for this reason that Bioweapon Recovery.com operates its clinic in a safe area of Mexico, (Cancun, well known for medical tourism) beyond the jurisdiction of all US alphabet agencies. It would be professional (possibly even personal) suicide for any clinic within the reach of the corporate mainstream medical mafia to offer this level of vaccine detox treatment.

Our patients also depart with a good supply of meds, which protect against spike proteins being shed by the vaxed they come in contact with. In the US, anti-covid medications are only available to residents of a couple of states, with quantities rationed, “IF” they can find a doctor willing to write the ​prescription, at great professional risk. As of this posting, importation is still prohibited. Counterfeit meds are a risk, and federal interception of the genuine ones is disrupting supply.

The above brief videos are well worth watching, for the full impact of why this vaccine detox treatment is needed. We also encourage all to review the FAQ’s, especially the link to the one minute video explaining the variable reactions to the vaccines. It was a clever strategy to encourage those who were only minimally affected by their first jab to continue with subsequent boosters, further depressing their immunity and priming many to eventually succumb to “unrelated” natural causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will vaccine detox treatment totally restore me to pre-vax condition?
It would be premature to make that claim. The manufacturers have never fully disclosed the vaccine contents, and at this stage after the vaccine rollout, success of recovery treatment depend on variable factors.
Detox treatment Formula is customized for the individual patient, taking into account age, gender, body weight, symptoms of vaccine injury, which brand of vaccine was administered, and how much. (one or two shots & and any subsequent boosters).
What will the detox treatment do for me?

First and foremost, patients arriving with a positive D-dimer lab test, indicates the messenger RNA within the vaccine has ordered your body to make spike proteins.

The spike proteins counter the smooth lining of the vessels, hindering the circulation, resulting in micro clotting. Messenger RNA orders thousands of micro clots to be generated throughout the blood vessels.

Circulation can slow drastically in the tiny capillaries, causing clotting. And of course larger clots can appear in the heart and lungs, even blocking off vessels.
Thus far, all patients receiving an hour per day of intravenous detox treatment got negative D-dimer tests after a week, which indicates that formation of spike proteins and micro clots had been halted.

We have also seen evidence that the detox formula neutralizes the graphene oxide present in the vaccines.
Therefore, if the growing body of evidence is an accurate indicator that there is nano particle technology within the vaccine which allows for tracking, then that vaccine property would also be neutralized and reversed.

Patients have reported that their doctors are often hesitant to order a D-dimer lab test for them. Some even have to be told that the test is an indicator of micro clotting in the circulation. Many claim the test is not available. Not to worry. At Bioweapon Recovery, two D-dimer lab studies are provided, inclusive within our treatment fee: one prior to treatment and the second one a week later, immediately following treatment. The results are available by the following morning.

What if my D-dimer lab test still shows positive after a week of treatment?

It has not happened yet, but depending on the brand of vaccine that was administered, how much was given and degree of injury, one week may not be sufficient in every case.
If a patient’s D-dimer test comes back still positive after a week of treatment, then we are willing to offer a further week of treatment at reimbursement cost of supplies and labor (It would not be double).
Some vaccine injured patients may need longer treatment than others, ​but the total cost would not be double, even if extended treatment is necessary in some cases.

Is there any way of knowing if a week's worth of detox will be sufficient to achieve the lab test proof (negative D-dimer) that indicates the spike proteins have been neutralized and and clot formation has stopped?

The honest answer is NO.
Even if the patient knows which brand of vaccine was administered to him or her, he cannot know the batch number and which of the 4 different dosages he was given.
Obviously he didn’t get the saline placebo, or even if he was that lucky on a first shot, odds decreased with the second shot and any followup boosters.

If he is booking detox treatment with us, then he is suffering symptoms of vaccine injury to a varying degree, depending on the brand and unknown dosage factor.
Here is a one minute mini-video which explains the truth about those variable dosages.
It was suddenly deleted from the CDC web site on the day this lady exposed it.
Its one minute long, and something every vaccinated patient needs to be aware of:

Is there any truth to the reports about HIV being within the vaccines? (People who took the shots set up to develop AIDS over time)

Several credible ​research sources have confirmed this ​finding.
Part of the protocol we are now using for vaccine detox was formerly employed in the US and Mexico in treatment of patients who were HIV positive.

What we can rightfully claim is that those patients subsequently tested negative for HIV following treatment with UVBI (ultra violet biological irradiation) and that they remain healthy, over 9 years later.
NONE of the HIV positive patients ever sero converted following treatment.
So YES, even presuming that some patients who received the COVID vaccines may have been exposed to HIV, we are confident that the bioweaponrecovery.com protocol can deactivate and REVERSE.

You should view this video as well.

More Questions?