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RNA Jab (Bioweapon) Recovery
Now available in Cancun, Mexico!

Booking and Availability

It is highly recommended that patients planning travel to Cancun for vaccine detox at BioweaponRecovery be aware of the following travel & payment suggestions:

It is best to book a minimum ten day stay. The first 7 days is for daily IV detox treatment. The final 3 days is needed for the odor to dissipate, so there is no risk of the airlines denying boarding for your return flight.

Most patients use the final 3 days for holiday sightseeing. There is a lot to see and do in Cancun, for those who feel up to it.

We require you to make your reservations with a deposit of $1,660 to get the remaining balance ‚Äčof the treatment fee down to $5,000.

The balance can be settled in cash after arrival. There is a very good reason for this required protocol. US banks are now required by law to file a report with the IRS & treasury department on any international transaction which exceeds $5,000.

Sending the entire treatment fee of $6,660 could make the patient the target of an audit. Someone who is already ill and suffering from vaccine after effects does not need that hassle and threat of harassment hanging over his head.

Here is the workaround many of our patients used, and is now a requirement: When reserving a slot on the treatment schedule, send a deposit of $1,660, but the remaining balance is best brought in cash. It beats the surveillance, allowing for patient privacy.

Until cash is outlawed, it allows for transactions to remain private. We provide a receipt for tax filing purposes. Mexican customs has a maximum cash limit of $10,000 on all arriving visitors.

So, to protect patient privacy from reporting by banks (and to book a medical vacation under the radar of all alphabet agencies, some of which maintain data bases that are open to insurance companies) this is the best method.

Following is the arrival procedure:

A day or two prior to your scheduled arrival in Cancun, send us your airline reservations info, especially carrier and flight arrival time, and a selfie, together with any travel companion, for easy identification at the airport.

Our driver will meet you and take you to your vacation apartment, a short distance from the clinic, stopping enroute at a supermarket for provisions if necessary.

Treatment begins the following morning, after labs are drawn and you are seen by the doctor. Treatment lasts about an hour and a half, after which you will be free for the rest of the day.

Treatment is daily, weekends included, for 7 days, after which a D-dimer lab test should show evidence that the spike proteins from the vaccine are no longer producing micro clots in your circulation.

Again, the IV formula does cause a temporary odor, which gradually disappears over 3 days after your final treatment. Many patients take these 3 days to enjoy Cancun before returning home.

Further questions? Email us at [email protected]

Since treatment is customized to fit the individual, we need you fill out the form below the calendar, in order for our compounding pharmacist to design a detox protocol for you.

Please choose a 10 days time slot by clicking the desired dates on the calendar.

Calendar is loading…

Please note:

The BioweaponRecovery clinic is an outpatient treatment facility, not a hospital, and to be accepted into the vaccine detox treatment program, patients must be eating and ambulatory (walking).

Suggested Lodgings

There is an Airbnb that is located within close walking distance to the clinic.
It is a large house that has been converted into 3 vacation apartments.
It has a private pool, good amenities and security, and can handle up to 3 patients and their companions/caregivers at a time. Please only book your lodgings AFTER having booked your vaccine detox treatment at the clinic.


We are in no way affiliated with this Airbnb lodging facility. This is merely a suggestion.